I want to ask why the V-2 rocket was made with ethanol and liquid oxygen, which had a specific impulse of 215 seconds at sea level, when a solid rocket using APCP gets 237 seconds. In addition, a solid rocket engine would have almost no moving parts, so it would be a lot cheaper and quicker to manufacture.

I'm guessing that, what I would be effectively asking is: Why was APCP not available or not developed at that time? What is the developmental history of solid rockets?

Is the history of technology on topic for this site?


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As this site is currently still in beta, its scope is not completely fixed yet. Of course, the rough outline is clear, but there is plenty of space to try things out and I think that this is a good opportunity to do so.

Instead of giving you a definite yes or no, I suggest you post your question and see how it is received by the community. Perhaps you could post a link to this meta post as a comment for members to discuss its on- or off-topicness if they feel the need to.


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