It's December, and once again, Winter Bash is almost upon us.

For anyone not familiar with it, Winter Bash is an end-of-the-year celebration on Stack Exchange, where users can earn "hats" to wear on their profile pictures by doing certain things.

Each site can choose whether or not to participate. However, unless there is a large consensus against participating, the site will automatically participate. Those who don't want to go along can click the "I hate hats" button in the footer.

So what does everyone say? Do we want hats this year?

For information from last year, see Will this site be participating in Winter Bash 2014?.


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Give an upvote to this answer if you do want hats, and downvote if you do not want hats during this Winter Bash.

EDIT: We have hats! Answer score was 7/0 (up/downvotes).


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