Based on this answer, [history] (as well as any other tag beginning with the word "history") is supposed to be a blacklisted tag on the main site. However that has apparently failed. This may not even be the first time it has failed as the tag was supposed to be blacklisted 6 months earlier (at that time blocking anything even containing the word "history" rather than just beginning with that word) but for some reason the issue reappeared then and has reappeared again now.

The tag has showed up again and is now present on almost 50 questions. I am requesting:

  • The tag be automatically removed from all posts; and
  • Whatever issue caused the blacklist to fail to block this tag's creation and use is corrected.

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Looks like the problem is with the way the block was implemented (as site mods can verify on this page, which lists all blocked tags and other blocked input for the site).

The regex for this particular tag-blocking seems to specifically check for a tag name consisting solely of history- followed by one or more "word characters" (i.e. alphanumeric characters or underscores).

So as written, something like history-of matches the regex (meaning can't be created as a tag). But just history doesn't match the regex (since it doesn't have the hyphen or a word character after it), and neither does history-of-science (since it has at least one non-word character: the hyphen) – meaning it doesn't stop or from being (re)created as tags.

Blocklists need dev access to fix, so I've added the tag to this post so that it can be escalated to the appropriate staff.

(Even after the tag blocklist entry is fixed, though, I think the tag will still need to be manually removed from the questions it's currently on.)


The tag block has now been fixed. A dev has updated the regex for the blocklist to ensure that history will be blocked (i.e. can no longer be created as a tag), as well as anything beginning with the word history followed by any combination of dashes and alpha-numeric chars.

The tag still needs to be manually removed from the questions it's on (which I believe can be done by moderators or other users). Once this tag is "burninated", users should no longer be able to recreate it.


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