I noticed that there is a spam answer that is lying undeleted on the main site for over 24 hours. Normally, I would try contacting a moderator in the main chatroom for some help, but since that has been frozen for many months now I felt that Meta would be the next best option.

The spam post is an answer to this question: Why was Évariste Galois killed?. I'm not sure whether linking directly to the answer somehow provides a benefit to the spammer, so I'm linking to the question just to be on the safe side. The answer is currently sitting at a score of −7, so it looks like it's accumulated plenty of spam flags already, and a few more should delete it for good.

Please help by flagging the offending answer as spam.


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Thank you for calling attention to the spam post, and my apologies for the slow reaction. The post has now been deleted.


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