Having looked at the answer to this Q&A on the site

Blacklisted [history] tag has reappeared

I thought I would start to edit out the remaining questions. However I do not want to flood the home page so I was thinking of perhaps doing one every other day. I cannot find any consensus in this meta site on what the polite behaviour is, hence this question.


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Yes, there is a consensus - do not make minor edits (at least not in bulk) to too old posts. And even if the edit is somewhat substantial, I would recommend not making too many of them as all of those old posts will be bumped. Danu's comment to a related post describes what a minor edit is:

As a rule of thumb, only changing/adding some tags to an older question is too minor an edit. This is more acceptable if the question is new, or if you[r] edit contains additional, more significant improvements.

However, removing the tag from old posts, in my opinion, is not a minor edit as the tag is supposed to be "burninated". Therefore, I welcome you to suggest edits to remove the tag but keep the number of suggestions low on a daily basis (maybe 1 to 2 edits per day). In fact, I am also removing the tag.


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