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Indicates you've found an erroneous or unexpected behaviour in the system that needs to be fixed.

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Blacklisted [history] tag has reappeared

Based on this answer, [history] (as well as any other tag beginning with the word "history") is supposed to be a blacklisted tag on the main site. However that has apparently failed. This ...
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Erroneous red button on "review queues" and "suggested edits" icons

Whenever I play HSM, the red dot for the "review queues" is lit up; when I click there, I see that the "Suggested edits" queue has a red dot. When I click that queue, I'm told that the queue is empty....
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What's going on with the number next to the "review" link?

On the bar on top, there is a number immediately to the left of the "review" link (at the moment 5); it has pop-up text "5 total posts awaiting review". Yet when I click on the review link (or on the ...
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I can't ask a question

I asked 4 questions here, no one is negative. I deleted 1 , with positive grading, long ago because I got no answer. Is there something wrong with the database? If I try to ask a question, every day ...
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Bugs in awarding of badges

I have noted some bugs in the awarding of badges: I did my first retag on my question and was thus entitled to receive an Organizer badge but never got it. I saw a user who did not have enough ...
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Trouble uploading photos with iPhone app - app said to lodge issue here

The app is having trouble uploading photos to an answer and told me to raise an issue here. What do I do?
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Why can't I vote this answer?

Why it took an army of physicists, working on a huge complex, so long to produce a working nuclear device, while it seems so easy in theory? The vote buttons on this accepted answer is grey out, ...
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What has happened to the logo?

Is anyone else able to see the logo of the site? I can't. I only see a white bar... Did something happen to it?
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