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Is there something that needs to be done when the main chatroom is frozen?

If you look at the chat rooms associated with HSM you can see that there is a room called On the way to Damascus. The room On the Shoulder of Giants has been frozen. (As far as I can tell, this ...
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Event suggestion: A history of mathematics and future direction panel discussion?

So recently, I was pondering about historical connections of subjects, such as how concepts, ideas and experiments done in history change the course of humanity as they open new doors to exploration ...
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Feeds for suitable questions from other sites in chat?

Could perhaps adding feeds from hsm-related questions from other Stack Exchange sites into chat be useful? I could, for example, imagine ho.history-overview tag from MathOverflow, math-history tag ...
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Is the xkcd feed in the chat really necessary?

At this point, given the low activity of the chatroom, it actually posts more often than actual users: this year so far, it posted 16 links versus 1 single user discussing questions. This makes ...
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What should we name our chatroom?

Currently, it is the generic name of the site. What should we name our chatroom? Perhaps give your suggestions here and the popularity could be gauged by how many votes each suggestion gets.
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