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Should we reduce the criteria for gold badges?

On going through the gold badges available on this site, I realised that most of the gold badges have zero awarding. This may be attributed to less active participation and, thus, fewer views and ...
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Tag suggestion: natural history

I have a question about my History of Science and Mathematics Stack Exchange post: What are other ancient encyclopaedic texts like Pliny's “Naturalis Historia” that were available to medieval ...
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Might HSM add a flagging option for migrating posts to EL&U?

A few recent questions, such as this one, do not appear to be about mathematics, science, or their history. They seem to stem more from someone's misunderstanding of archaic language usage (or even "...
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We need a challenge or something

According to area 51 our asking rate is bad. Like under 2 a day bad. I thought about how we could fix this and I think I already remember seeing an ad for the site on another SE. The other solution I ...
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Can we get a site name change implemented?

Ironic note: The question I'm referencing did not show up in the "Questions that may already have your answer" drop down menu while I was writing this. I looked back on this question a couple of ...
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Should Math SE seed HSM with some history of mathematics questions?

As discussed here. SE is capable of migrating a large amount of questions from Math.StackExchange to History of Science and Math. The main culprit would be to go for questions under the tag math-...
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Do we need the mhchem MathJax extension?

Assuming that we get the MathJax support, do we need the mhchem extension? We have this enabled on the Chemistry site, and it's incredibly helpful there in showing anything more complicated than a ...
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Do we need MathJax?

On other SE sites like Physics, Math, MathOverflow, we have the possibility to write equations in what is called 'MathJax'. This allows you to write equations the way you would write them in LaTeX, ...
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