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Do we want to change the link about MathJax help?

Stack Exchange sites with MathJax enabled have a section in the editing help page on how to use LaTeX. This section contains a "MathJax help" link at the end. By default, this "MathJax ...
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2 votes
1 answer

MathJax Greasemonkey script

I'm now finding it impossible to write certain questions and answers without MathJax, so while we're waiting I put together a GreaseMonkey script that renders LaTeX here on HSM. It's just the well-...
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10 votes
1 answer

Do we need the mhchem MathJax extension?

Assuming that we get the MathJax support, do we need the mhchem extension? We have this enabled on the Chemistry site, and it's incredibly helpful there in showing anything more complicated than a ...
31 votes
6 answers

Do we need MathJax?

On other SE sites like Physics, Math, MathOverflow, we have the possibility to write equations in what is called 'MathJax'. This allows you to write equations the way you would write them in LaTeX, ...
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