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Might HSM add a flagging option for migrating posts to EL&U?

A few recent questions, such as this one, do not appear to be about mathematics, science, or their history. They seem to stem more from someone's misunderstanding of archaic language usage (or even "...
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Do we want to have all new HSM-type questions from other SE-sites migrated here?

The title says it all, really. On some of the other Stack Exchange sites, e.g. MathOverflow or Physics, questions tend to pop up every now and then that may be better---or at least equally well---...
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Why were these questions migrated?

To my surprise, today we had two questions migrated here: https://hsm....
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Should Math SE seed HSM with some history of mathematics questions?

As discussed here. SE is capable of migrating a large amount of questions from Math.StackExchange to History of Science and Math. The main culprit would be to go for questions under the tag math-...
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