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What to do after a question is partially answered and/or new information is available?

I have a question about my History of Science and Mathematics Stack Exchange post: Source documents for Bronstein's Cube of Physics When I posted the "reference request" question, I was ...
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Why was my suggested edit to remove irrelevant stuff rejected?

I suggested an edit to this question, in order to remove what I considered to be irrelevant meta-commentary: I recently asked this question on Math StackExchange however, I, now, like many others ...
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Strategy to edit my "Plato 5040" question in order to get it reopened?

Just how much did Plato really know about the number 5040? was closed for "opinion-based" and I can see that "Just how much did Plato really know..." is impossible to answer. My ...
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Closure of "How Old is the pythagorean theorem?"

Can someone supply more clarity on why this question has been re-closed?
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How do we handle the recent 'Ramanujan question'?

This recent question has gotten a surprising response. As it turns out, it is a cross-post from this question on Math.SE. There are currently two answers, one by Adhvaitha and one by Tito Piezas III. ...
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