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Is there something that needs to be done when the main chatroom is frozen?

If you look at the chat rooms associated with HSM you can see that there is a room called On the way to Damascus. The room On the Shoulder of Giants has been frozen. (As far as I can tell, this ...
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1 answer

I want to move my closed question... And already flagged it, but no action

I want to move my closed question, on "Ape to Human Diagram" and "Dehumanization", to the Psychology Stack. But I've already flagged it, but no action... Do I flag it again, or delete and remake, as ...
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0 answers

Closure of "How Old is the pythagorean theorem?"

Can someone supply more clarity on why this question has been re-closed?
6 votes
2 answers

Will this site be participating in Winter Bash 2014?

Winter Bash 2014 will be starting soon, and if this meta Math post is to be believed, it is now opt-out rather than opt-in. That means that unless the moderators of a given site inform Stack Exchange ...
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Does anyone know who is in charge of this site, I mean software?

I already expressed the opinion that this site needs MathJax. Many people agreed with this. Whom should we address about this, does anyone now? From my point of view, such a site without MathJax ...