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Any objections to adding a [sophie-germain] tag?

I have just started reading about the life, work, anonymity and discrimination towards the French mathematician, physicist, and philosopher Sophie Germain. I've added it to my new question and three ...
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Two tags for the 18th century

At the moment, we have tag 18c and tag 18th-century. Would it be wise to merge them?
4 votes
1 answer

Two tags for Middle Ages

At the moment, we have tag medieval and tag middle-ages. Should they be merged?
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Tagging of names, revisited

About three years ago, in the early days of HSM, it was decided on meta that it was probably not useful to tag posts by the names of relevant scientists. The reason for this is that it would lead to a ...
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Tag suggestion: natural history

I have a question about my History of Science and Mathematics Stack Exchange post: What are other ancient encyclopaedic texts like Pliny's “Naturalis Historia” that were available to medieval ...
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3 answers

On questions that do not refer to a specific discipline

There has already been some discussion about how to tag questions that are (explicitly) not specific to some discipline (e.g. this one or this one). The author of the first example question I just ...
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Proposal: A tentative tagging scheme

One of the most important questions to be settled is: How are we supposed to tag questions on this site? I happen to have some opinions on this matter, and I will use this meta post to lay out my '...
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